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The House Handyman Company Limited

With the long hours many people put in the office, coming home late in the evening to a leaking tap or perhaps worse, a broken toilet, after successfully wading through traffic is the last thing you need. With no one to call, you are left with little choice but to sacrifice your weekend to get round to performing these odd jobs when if you were to be honest, you would rather spend your time with family and friends.

At House Handyman, we have experienced technicians and craftsmen under one roof. A phone call or email away, we will cater to all your household and office handyman services. Our handymen will arrive at your premises upon hearing from you to carry out your desired service. We pride ourselves in the workmanship our handymen deliver. Satisfaction is truly guaranteed.

And what’s more, we are available for you 24 hours a day, every day!


We offer our services to residential homes.


We are at hand to service office/business clientelle, wherever you are based in Nairobi.

Any Time

The House Handyman is committed to you all day, every day.

Our Services

  • 01

    Carpentry, Furniture Works and Assembly

    Is there anything in your home that is broken and needs fixing? Wondering whether to toss it out? Maybe, maybe not, but our skilled carpenters are at hand to visit with you should you need to make an assessment of the best way to make use of your furniture and other wood works. Our carpentry section prides itself in the ability to fix broken furniture, wardrobes, drawers or kitchen cabinets, as well as design, make, install or assemble shoe racks, book shelves, kitchen shelves, beds, dining sets, living room furniture and a crib for your infant. Our carpenters fit the bill, and are experienced and interactive to ensure that your finished product is what you desire.

  • 02

    Electrical & Electronic Works

    As you very well know, all electrical works should be handled by a trained professional to avoid either injury or damage to property. We assist in the installation of electrical items such as bath cubicles, electric fans and heaters, cookers, chandeliers and other lightings, and a host of other such fittings. We carry out repairs of cookers, fridges and similar household appliancs, and attend to any electrical faults that you may have in your residence.

  • 03


    Everybody knows the impact of a bad floor on the outlook of your house or office. Be it ceramic, marble, stone and pebbles, hard wood, you can rely on our handymen for quality works on repairs and fitting. We have expertise in all types of flooring, residential and commercial carpeting, wall paper placement, wooden floors and wood laminate flooring.

  • 04

    Plumbing Works

    We will fix any pipe leaks, shower heads, broken or dis-assembled shower doors, replace toilet bowls, wash hand basins, taps and other fixtures, install tiles, and any other headaches that you have to endure preventing you from having an enjoyable bathroom experience.

  • 05

    Bathroom Repair

    It doesn’t matter how large or small your bathroom is. Our work would involve fixing any broken pipes, toilet bowls, flushing issues, tiling, low pressure taps, and everything else that could possibly go wrong in the bathroom.

  • 06


    Any change is good so long as it leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling! Our painters are creative, and adaptative to your needs. Be it ceiling painting, door painting, wardrobe painting or wall painting, you are sure to get the outcome that you want.

  • 07

    Refurbishment/ Renovations

    At house handyman we do kitchen, bathroom and full property refurbishment. Thinking about freshening up your place of work as well? Choose our office refurbishment that comes with the same level of expertise and attention to detail as our other renovation services. So, call us now and make the bathroom or property of your dreams a reality! We're experts in converting existing homes into delightful new living spaces. We remodel your living space to your style, specifications and spending plan!

  • 08

    Honey-do-Lists (General Handyman Services)

    Never feel stuck with a TV you cannot mount on the wall, broken hinges, door knobs or any piece of equipment you have purchased and are struggling to assemble. Ladies, we are here to handle those odd jobs around the house that you may feel overwhelmed to deal with…Yes! No service is too small for us to handle.

  • 09

    Kitchen Works

    This is your fun zone, and no matter your likes, you want a clean, bright and efficient kitchen in your home! Kitchen repairs tend to accumulate and it is difficult to find the time to sort everything out as once. At Househandyman, we recognize how special your kitchen is to you, and endeavour to make your kitchen experience delightful.

  • 10

    Pest Control

    We specialize in ensuring that your home is cockroach, termite and rodent free at a very reasonable cost. Call us today or pay us a visit for a quote and all your pest problems will be a thing of the past.

  • 11

    Gas Leaks

    Gas leaks are no doubt dangerous, and need to be dealt with immediately and with caution. That’s why you need a professional who can assess and eliminate the risk, without damaging your property.

  • 12

    Health Check

    Even though your home may not require immediate repair, there may be some hidden defects waiting to surprise you at the least expected moment. That is why we at House Handyman recommend regular check ups to confirm the general state of your household. To this end, our handymen will carry out one health check per year at no cost for all our regular customers and provide recommendations if any on repair works that may be due as well as timelines for carrying out the same (Highly recommended).

  • 13

    Home/Office Maintenance

    Are your household repairs well over due? Are your taps loose? Are your hinges creaky? Are your wardrobes falling apart? Then it is time to call the House Handyman. We will sort out both the easily identifiable cracks and the more labour intensive.

Why Choose Us?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We assure you of the highest quality of service at unbeatable rates

We boast of a friendly and professional customer service team to attend to you at any time of the day....and night!

Our Experience

All our handymen are well trained and carefully selected, and are experienced in all areas of repair and maintenance works.

We are creative and innovative, and strive to work within your specific requests towards creating an enjoyable living and work environment.


Our prices won’t break the bank and we offer a customer service that is second to none. Our electrical and plumbing work is charged by the hour and you will find our pricing reasonable and competitive for work that is guaranteed. For all other works, please drop us an email or pay us a visit at our offices and obtain a competitive quote.

What do we value?

Integrity, professionalism, quality, trust, reliability and time conscious.